A Word About Copyright and Distribution of MBTP Podcasts

It is our intent to make these podcasts freely available to the widest possible audience.
Therefore, you are most welcome to download podcasts and share them with anyone you feel could benefit from them. That includes making audio copies, sending them to others, etc. We ask, however, that you not make alterations of any kind to the podcasts (shortening, editing, etc.), nor sell or market them commercially without prior written permission from Linda Lehrhaupt.

We invite teacher-training programs in mindfulness-based approaches and other mindfulness trainings to recommend this podcast series to their trainees and others.

We also believe that many of these podcasts will be helpful to teachers of mindful movement and contemplative traditions, and to teachers in general.

These podcasts are protected by copyright.

Therefore, we ask that any time you share even one podcast, you give full attribution to the author and the website source. Please identify Dr. Linda Lehrhaupt as the author, give the full name of the podcast and the address of the MBTP website. When possible, please include a link to the MBTP podcast site.

We ask you to be particularly careful in observing our request for full attribution. It has become necessary to state this clearly, because attribution in the world of Internet and other media – the naming of sources – has not been consistently observed.

Please feel free to copy the following attribution and information text (in italics):
This podcast is part of the Mindfulness-Based Teacher Project (MBTP), which was created by Linda Lehrhaupt, Ph.D. as an educational resource for teachers of mindfulness in various contexts and particularly for teachers of mindfulness-based approaches. It is also intended for teachers of mindful movement such as yoga, Tai Chi and Qigong and teachers of contemplative meditation. Please visit www.mindfulness-based-teacher-project.org, where you will find a range of podcasts and other information.

Translations and Quoting
If the podcasts are transcribed or translated, or if text material from the MBTP website is used in print in any manner, it may be distributed only in non-commercial contexts and up to 250 words per podcast. Please cite the author and the MBPT website, as noted above. If you’d like to offer more of the podcasts as printed text, please contact gro.t1611093114cejor1611093114p-reh1611093114caet-1611093114desab1611093114-ssen1611093114lufdn1611093114im@of1611093114ni1611093114 for permission.