About the Artist: Norbert Wehner

The drawings on the MBTP website, unless otherwise indicated, are by German artist Norbert Wehner. Norbert graduated from the Düsseldorf Art Academy as a “Master Student” (Meisterschüler) in the late 1970s. His mentor was Fritz Schwegler, a sculptor and professor at the academy who many say was an inspirational mentor for a group of students who went on to become some of the most famous artists of their generation.

Norbert also studied at the University of Essen beginning in 1986 and received a Master’s degree in landscape architecture. For more than 20 years, he worked primarily as a landscape architect, designing and supervising the building of well over a hundred gardens.

His largest and longest standing garden project is at La Martinie in southwestern France. Since 1996 he has been creating, shaping, and planting a 15-acre garden surrounding a 300-year-old Perigord farmhouse, where beginning in 2018, retreats and workshops will begin to be offered.

Several years ago, Norbert discovered digital painting, which he loves for its possibility and portability. The pictures on this website were drawn on his trusty iPad. His web site showcasing his work is www.norbertwehner.com.

Linda and Norbert have journeyed through life together since 1980.